• Duration: 2h
  • Every day at 12:15h
  • Accessibility: Yes
  • Pets: Yes
  • Type: Family
  • Free for children up to 2 years inclusive

We offer you a guided tour of “Madrid de los Austrias”, a must-see tour of the most historic district of Madrid, a must-see destination for the most emblematic streets and buildings of the city, full of history.

We will meet our guide at Puerta del Sol, right next to the bear and the strawberry tree, where you will know “the mentideros”  or “the 12 bells” most famous, the most watched clock every year-end, (one grape one bell), … a tradition that has behind a curious history, can we tell you about it?

A route through the old Madrid

In this route of “The Madrid of the Austrias“, we will walk along the Calle Mayor through its winding streets up to the Plaza Mayor, where we will give you a brief explanation about its construction, and you will discover the Habsburg monarchy (which ruled in the 16th and 17th centuries), its customs, costumes, celebrations and festivities (in the typical “corrales de comedias”), we will talk about trade during the time of the Habsburg House and, why not, the dreaded Holy Inquisition.

Although it must also be said that, during the final stage of this monarchy, the “Golden Century” of the arts and literature was experienced in our country, which is reflected in its monuments, streets and squares.

Guided tour of “Madrid de los Austrias”

In the Barrio de los Austrias, we will go to the political epicentre of the time and enter the Plaza de la Villa, where the old Town Hall of Madrid was located. We will talk about Don Álvaro de Bazán and the architecture of the important buildings surrounding the square.

Our guided tour could not end in any other way than with the figure of Velázquez in the Plaza de Ramales.

A guided tour that will take you back to the past, to the Madrid of the Habsburg Dynasty, with its secret corners and buildings full of pomp and pageantry… Come and see it!

Itinerary: Guided Tour of the Austrias Quarter

Our tour through the historic centre of the capital, runs through the most emblematic streets of the “old Madrid” (the district of Madrid de los Austrias), and includes such iconic places of the capital as:

  • The Puerta del Sol
  • The Plaza Mayor
  • The San Miguel Market
  • Plaza de la Villa
  • The Royal Palace (remember you can book our Guided Tour of the Royal Palace)
  • The Ramales Square

Price of the Hapsburg Madrid Tour

  • General admission: 19€

Cancellation Policy for the Habsburg Route

  • Until 24h before the start of the activity, the total amount will be refunded
  • If you cancel with less time or do not show up, no refund will be offered.

Map and Meeting Point with our Guide

We will depart from Puerta del Sol, next to the sculpture of the bear and the strawberry tree.



Guided tour of Habsburg Madrid (Madrid de los Austrias)